Having an anxiety disorder can limit a person’s ability to function in daily life. It can impact behavior, thoughts, and feelings towards home life, work, and school. Conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) are hard to manage without some level of support. Yet, when anxiety treatment is used, a person feels more empowered to control their life and live a fulfilling, happy life. Our team at Amatus Recovery Centers wants to help make that possible with our anxiety treatment program.

What Is Anxiety Disorder?

man in need of anxiety treatmentAnxiety is a healthy emotion until it becomes out of control. An anxiety disorder occurs when a person’s anxious feelings get in the way of their daily life, impact their decisions, and lead to negative behaviors like consuming alcohol or drugs. Several types of disorders exist:

  • Panic disorders involving sudden feelings of intense anxiety or terror
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) that incudes excessive worrying about activities and events
  • Medical-related anxiety disorder due to symptoms brought on by physical health problems
  • Specific phobias to things like height or objects
  • Selective mutism, in which a person fails to speak in specific situations

Each of these and others generally involves some intense anxious feelings when surrounded by others or in specific situations. Sometimes, there’s no obvious direct cause, which is when GAD applies. A person with an anxiety disorder cannot change their thoughts or feelings about what is happening even when they desire to do so. Treatment can help.

What Can an Anxiety Treatment Program Offer?

At the heart of anxiety treatment is understanding what is occurring and why. This may involve a full psychiatric evaluation to determine if there is past trauma from some highly worrisome event. There may be negative or unhelpful thought patterns occurring due to a past trauma. Other times, this may be the result of an imbalance of hormones.

Often, anxiety isn’t realistic – what a person fears and thinks about isn’t likely to happen. In an anxiety treatment program, one of the main goals is to improve thought patterns to remove those unrealistic and inaccurate beliefs, allowing a person to experience what is truly present.

At Amatus Recovery Centers, we use a range of therapy programs to help people with an anxiety disorder overcome what they are facing. This may include:

All of these therapeutic programs aim to explore new ways of thinking or better manage stress. For example, in dialectical behavior therapy, a person learns strategies to help them live in the moment. This can help to minimize the negative worries and improve overall control over their actions.

When Should You Seek out an Anxiety Treatment Program?

Treating an anxiety disorder requires recognizing the problem exists. Look for the signs of a disorder and then reach out for support. This includes excessive worrying so much that it limits what a person is willing and able to do.

If you are battling anxiety, you may feel like not engaging in daily life. You may think it is easier and safer to stay home or avoid situations that make you nervous. That’s not the best way to live your life. With anxiety treatment, you do not have to live like this.

Treatment Begins with a Call to Amatus Recovery Centers

Living with an anxiety disorder like GAD doesn’t have to dictate your future. With the right type of anxiety treatment, many people are better capable of managing stress and enjoying a higher quality of life. Amatus Recovery Centers offer a full anxiety treatment program designed to empower and support you. Call us at 833.631.0525 or reach out online now.