a group of women talk about a women's rehab program and women's rehab centerAddiction specialists have known for decades that when it comes to treating addiction, men and women have different needs. If women want to overcome addiction, they need top-quality addiction treatment. This is why at Amatus Recovery Centers, we offer a women’s rehab program at each of our addiction treatment centers. At Amatus Recovery Centers, we provide every patient with a custom treatment plan specific to their needs. In our women’s rehab centers, we build these plans specifically around the needs of women.

Why a Women’s Rehab Center?

When undergoing recovery in a mixed-gender environment, there are many natural obstacles to successful rehab. For one thing, not every addiction issue that affects men affects women. For instance, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has demonstrated that women are far less likely than men to seek professional help for addiction. They also note that even though more men have addiction issues than women, women develop more severe substance abuse problems. The lesson is simple.

Since most of the people in rehab are men, the time spent discussing these issues could instead be better spent focusing on matters more central to a woman’s experience. We have also found that women are often less comfortable expressing themselves about such personal issues in the presence of men. But in one of our women’s rehab centers, we provide the space you need to address issues central to address the problems that are central to your sobriety. Being able to discuss topics like motherhood, relationships, children, and family openly with other women can be vital to your recovery. You will also find it easier to talk about more directly female-oriented topics like about issues like harassment and discrimination in the workplace without men around.

It is an unfortunate fact that a high percentage of women with addiction issues have also experienced domestic violence or sexual assault. Such events too often lead to substance abuse as women attempt to deal with their feelings of shame, anger, depression, and anxiety. Women who have undergone such traumatic experiences often feel less safe in a mixed-gender treatment group. In a women’s rehab program at Amatus Recovery Centers, our addiction treatment staff pride themselves on helping women work through these kinds of issues.

In our women’s rehab programs, you’ll also find a sense of camaraderie and mutual support that you don’t often see in mixed treatment groups. Nothing is better for lasting recovery than leaning on each other and rebuilding your lives together.

Our Women’s Rehab Centers

The ways in which women respond differently to addiction is not only physical. They also have different social, emotional, and psychological responses than men do. At our women’s rehab centers, we focus on precisely these differences when we create your personal treatment plan. The advantages you will find at a women-only program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • More open lines of communication between you and your female peers
  • More effective communication with staff members
  • A distraction-free environment
  • The chance to develop a strong support network of support with other women
  • A treatment plan designed to suit your specific needs, both as a person struggling with addiction and as a woman

At Amatus Recovery Centers, you’ll also find a compassionate, experienced staff who has the same goal that you do: to give you the tools you need to overcome addiction and find long-term sobriety.

Learn More About Our Women’s Rehab Programs at Amatus Recovery Centers

There are many Amatus Recovery Centers across the U.S., and almost all of them offer a women’s rehab program. Among these are:

Start working through your experiences with addiction and building your support network at one of our women’s rehab centers today. Learn more by reaching out to our team of addiction specialists today online, or by contacting us at 833.631.0525. Because you deserve a healthy, happy life free from drugs and alcohol.

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