Substance abuse represents one of society’s greatest challenges, exactly an enormous cost.  Breaking the cycle of substance abuse requires hard work, commitment, and resources. Many substance abuse treatment programs will include spending time in an individual therapy program.

While substance abuse starts with excessive consumption, a physical act, a person’s psychology is at fault. Substance-use disorders emerge from a complex set of factors — ones you may not even recognize. The goal of an individual treatment program is to unearth those factors and help you build coping skills to avoid excessive drinking or drug use. To learn more about how this treatment can help you, contact Amatus Recovery Centers today. 

How Does Treatment Work?a man works with a therapy at an individual therapy program

There are no shortcuts to recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction. Excessive use of drugs and alcohol triggers profound changes in your brain chemistry. It takes work and commitment to unwind those changes and return to full health.

Treatment can go in many directions. For instance, some people with substance problems will spend most of their time in an individual therapy program. Others may be routed into a medication-assisted treatment program. Some may require hospitalization; some can thrive in outpatient care.

It would be nice if we could tell you that you can “just stop drinking” or “just stop using,” but unfortunately that isn’t how it happens. With substance abuse, you’ve conditioned your body to expect the chemicals. When you take those chemicals away, your body reacts.

So, the first phase of treatment involves a comprehensive intake and medical assessment, to develop a treatment plan. You will likely face a period of detox, followed by an individual treatment program, other forms of counseling, and aftercare.

Individual Therapy Program

Individual therapy is built on an understanding that addiction and dependence reflect a complex set of psycho-social factors. Everyone will have endured a different set of circumstances to get to the point of struggling with substance abuse. Therefore, each individual needs to be counseled based on his or her own background.

Making an individual therapy program even more complex is the fact that individuals respond to different drugs in different ways. Working closely with an addiction counselor, your goal is to engage openly and develop a deeper understanding of the world and how you respond to it. Therapy aims to help you find the capabilities and strength to abstain and/or resist the temptation of drugs or alcohol in your life. You’ll also work on developing more constructive activities to deal with your stress.  

Not everything in an individual therapy program is geared toward matters involving substance abuse. We designed our individual therapy programs to address the whole person, recognizing, again, that substance abuse is tricky.

Treating the Whole Person

An individual therapy program isn’t the only approach to resolving drug treatment. People struggling with substance abuse also benefit from other forms of therapy. The addiction therapy programs that can lead to new habits, thoughts, and attitudes helpful in recovery. Some of these include:

  • Group therapy — as a way of building community and peer support
  • Recreational therapy — also known as “adventure” therapy, capitalizing on nature and the outdoors 
  • Music/Art therapy — helping individuals with substance abuse problems express themselves outside the therapy setting
  • Mindfulness therapy — aimed at getting individuals to live in the moment, within themselves
  • Biofeedback therapy — utilizing technology to showcase the physiological response to certain situations, pushing you to build the skills to regulate those responses

Therapy as a Way Out

The path to recovery can feel extremely long. The good news is that addiction medicine has developed protocols that have successfully delivered millions from the pain of addiction to a more stable life. Amatus Recovery Centers helps you through the difficult period of admitting a problem, through intake and detox, to an individual therapy program, group counseling and aftercare and beyond. Substance abuse is sneaky and steals away your energy and resources. Take them back. Contact us at 833.631.0525 today for a confidential consultation.