man wonders about the risk of prescription drug addiction

4 Common Risks of Prescription Drug Addiction

Taking prescription drugs without a doctor’s recommendation increases the risks for several adverse consequences, including addiction. Even after developing an addiction, additional problems often still result. There are many common risks of prescription drug addiction, and recognizing these risks may indicate the need for addiction treatment. The addiction treatment programs at Amatus Recovery Centers can…


Creativity as Therapy

Expressive therapy—the use of the creative arts in a therapeutic setting—exists for a reason. The arts are an often underexplored way to heal. In one review of six studies, half found a significant decrease in symptoms of trauma after art therapy.[1] One found a significant decrease in symptoms of depression. Being creative can bring you…

Embracing stress awareness month

Embracing Stress Awareness Month to Benefit Your Mental Health

Each April, mental health professionals commemorate Stress Awareness Month. During this time, people everywhere can learn more about how stress impacts mental health, what proper stress handling looks like, and how to get help if they don’t cope well. Our Amatus Recovery Centers team wants people to be more aware of the connection between Stress…


Mike Gimbel on Fox 45 Regarding State’s Attorney Mosby’s Decision to Stop Prosecuting Drug Possession

Recently, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced her office would stop prosecuting crimes for drug possession. Community stakeholders including Straight Talk host Mike Gimbel, were featured in a Fox 45 segment on April 5 responding to the development and expressing concerns that it could further fuel drug addiction within Baltimore City. Read the full…