Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

While May was Mental Health Awareness Month, July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. The reason for the specificity is to recognize racism’s enormous impact on mental health. Minority Stress Minority stress is the stress experienced by marginalized groups from repeated discrimination and oppression. Often, many factors compound on one another, making maintaining mental health…

man pondering benzodiazepines vs opiates

What Are the Differences Between Benzos and Opiates?

Two of the most commonly abused drugs are benzodiazepines (nicknamed “benzos”) and opiates. Addiction rates for both classes of drugs are on the rise. Notably, more than a quarter of opioid overdoses involve benzos as well. Users of both drugs overlap significantly, and drug addiction treatment programs are finding they are increasingly treating dual addictions.…


Is There More Stigma About Mental Health Disorders or Addiction?

While things are getting better, there is still stigma about both mental health disorders and addiction. A study in the journal Psychiatric Services assessed whether people had more negative views towards one or the other.[1] Half of participants were given a survey about their beliefs on drug addiction and half about their beliefs on mental…

man in need of polysubstance abuse treatment

3 Common Occurrences of Polysubstance Abuse

Polysubstance abuse refers to a dependence on multiple substances taken in combination. The risks are higher than abuse of a single drug because mixing various substances can easily lead to entirely unexpected results, side effects, and even overdose. Substance abuse treatment programs are the only safe option for addressing this disorder. If you or someone…