marc w shares his recovery story

In the Spotlight: Marc Wiltshire’s Recovery Story

Marc Wiltshire is the Director of Regional Alumni Services and Community Outreach for Amatus Recovery Centers’ Georgia facilities. Originally from New Jersey, Wiltshire comes from a family with a long history of addiction and recovery. His mother is a substance use and mental health counselor. His father passed away with more than 22 years of…

matt bohannon tells his recovery story

In the Spotlight: Matt Bohannon at Blueprint Recovery Center

Matt Bohannon is a Behavioral Health Technician at Blueprint Recovery Center in Concord, New Hampshire. Originally from Attleboro, Massachusetts, Bohannon remembers that from an early age he had trouble fitting in with his peers. He experienced a lot of fear around what people thought of him. This anxiety is what first brought him to using…

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COO Michael Silberman Speaks with 98 Rock

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, there are a lot of existing health-related issues that can be difficult to treat in isolation. For people in recovery isolating themselves could trigger a relapse or worse. Amatus Recovery Centers helps people in several states including Maryland. Michael Silberman Chief Operating Officer joined 98 Rock in Baltimore with some…

a person cleans as they listen to the covid 19 statement from atlanta centers

COVID-19 Statement from Atlanta Centers

PEACHTREE CITY/RIVERDALE, GA-At Amatus Recovery Centers and our Georgia facilities, health is our top motivation. It is the reason we do what we do. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve gone above and beyond the CDC’s recommendations: cleaning, handwashing, temperature screenings, PPE, third-party hospital-grade floor-to-ceiling sanitization, minimized interactions, utilization of telehealth, and non-essential staff working from home.