Don’t Use OCD or Other Mental Health Disorder Terms Lightly

It’s become part of our lexicon for people to use the names of mental health disorders when describing typical habits or behaviors. For instance, neat people might say “I’m so OCD,” or people in a confusing circumstance might say it’s “schizo” or “bipolar.” This seems particularly common for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), where anyone who…


Dry January: Assessing Your Relationship to Alcohol

While there is a lot of heavy drinking during the December holidays and New Year’s Eve, millions of people spend the following month abstaining from alcohol. Dry January is a campaign—begun in the UK in 2013—encouraging people to stay sober for the month of January. It normalizes sobriety.     Dry January started with about 4,000 people;…


What is the Difference Between Group and Family Therapy?

Group and family therapy are both forms of therapy that take place with several people at the same time. The two share a few similarities. However, there are also notable differences between them.  Family therapy is, as the name suggests, therapy that involves a person’s family. It is used often in addiction treatment, as addiction…

woman setting boundaries in addiction recovery

How to Set Boundaries in Addiction Recovery

Are boundaries that important when it comes to achieving your best life in recovery? Many men and women with addiction have trouble setting recovery boundaries, and that can limit your overall self-worth and confidence in recovery. At Amatus Recovery Centers, we encourage you to achieve your best addiction recovery through proper boundaries. What Are Personal…

Dr. discusses the definition of rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Definition

Most people recognize the word “rehab” but may have a tough time telling you exactly what it is. That’s where the Rehabilitation Definition comes in. The Rehabilitation Definition is a set of interventions designed to improve the way individuals operate in their daily lives by overcoming difficulties. People suffering from drug or alcohol addiction can…