Humor in Recovery

When you first get sober, people in your life may treat you with gravitas. This comes from a good place—they understand the seriousness of addiction recovery and want to be supportive. But sometimes you need levity. I still remember the first few (respectful) jokes people made when I was struggling with new sobriety. Actually, the…

man wondering if he is one of the mental illness statistics

Surprising Mental Illness Statistics

Mental health disorders are a significant issue in the U.S., affecting millions of people each year. Some of the most common mental disorders include anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and PTSD. With all the information we have regarding these disorders, some recent mental illness statistics may surprise you. For instance, today, there…

man possibly showing signs of alcohol overdose

Signs of Alcohol Overdose

Alcohol poisoning is a serious consequence of excessive drinking that can lead to emergency medical problems or fatality. Drinking too much can lead to triggering the gag reflex, fluctuations in body temperature, increased heart rate, and slowed breathing. By the time someone notices these signs of alcohol overdose, the damage may already be done. A…