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Coping With Trauma in Recovery is Important

Trauma and addiction are closely linked. One study of over 10,000 people with addiction found that 90% had experienced traumas such as domestic violence or child abuse. Addiction itself can be traumatic—and being chronically under the influence of substances may expose people to more potential trauma. 20% of people who experience trauma will go on…

woman wondering if you can be addicted even if you only use sometimes

Can You Become Addicted if You Only Use Sometimes?

When you use addictive substances, addiction can happen at any time—even if you only drink or use sometimes. Very few people start out using drugs or alcohol with the intention of becoming addicted. Most people set out to only use occasionally. However, addiction is a chronic brain disease—meaning that substance use changes your brain. It…

a woman at an addiction treatment center wonders why routine is important for addiction recovery

Why Is Routine Important for Addiction Recovery?

An addiction can cause every area of your life to spiral out of control quickly. Once you are consumed with your habit, you may disregard all responsibilities at home, work, or school. Eventually, your annoying behaviors turn into a lifestyle that alienates everyone around you. You may get to the point where you maintain your…

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3 Benefits of a Sober Living Program

The purpose of a substance abuse treatment program is to prepare someone for a sober lifestyle once their treatment is complete. However, many clients experience challenges when going rehab back into their daily life. Sober living can help with the transition by providing a bridge that allows someone to go back to their life at…

a doctor answers questions about how outpatient addiction treatment works

How Does Outpatient Addiction Treatment Work?

If you do not need 24-hour supervision and care for your addiction, you may want to consider an outpatient addiction treatment program. An outpatient program allows you to commit to your recovery without neglecting your home, school, or work responsibilities. You have full access to the same therapies and programs that an outpatient rehab center…

a woman struggles with mental health, addiction, and co-occurring disorders as she considers dual diagnosis treatment

4 Common Co-Occurring Disorders

Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or borderline personality disorders often overlap with alcohol or drug addiction. While these disorders can coincide independently, they are often related and require dual diagnosis treatment. If left untreated, co-occurring disorders can trigger each other, making it more difficult for a person to function. For instance, depression can…