national stress awareness day

International Stress Awareness Day: Stress Less

The first Wednesday in November (so, today!) is International Stress Awareness Day. We’ve had a lot to stress about lately. But 2014 data shows that even at “normal” times, 77% of people regularly experiences physical symptoms related to stress. 73% habitually experience psychological symptoms of stress. Addiction and stress are closely linked, making stress reduction…

a woman in a blanket wonders how social media can impact addiction

How Social Media Can Impact Addiction

Social media has a considerable influence on today’s cultural environment. More people, young and old, turn to social media to stay connected with friends and family, keep up with world events, and stay current with their interests. However, social media has had a devastating impact on drug and alcohol addiction. People choose how, where, and…

man struggling and in need of polysubstance abuse treatment

5 Signs of Polysubstance Abuse

Some drug users take more than one substance to boost each substance’s effects and achieve a different euphoric feeling. On the other hand, some engage in this behavior unknowingly when they take drugs laced with other substances. The term used to refer to this behavior is polysubstance abuse. Using multiple substances can lead to health…