a woman cries after learning about the connection between covid-19 and suds

The Connection Between COVID-19 and SUDs

COVID-19 has disrupted many Americans’ lives in the U.S., causing financial, physical, and emotional harm. As a result, many people affected by COVID-19 have turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the current situation. This has led to a variety of substance use disorders and mental health issues that require professional care. Fortunately, Maryland’s…

woman hold chin looking off sad

Coping With Trauma in Recovery is Important

Trauma and addiction are closely linked. One study of over 10,000 people with addiction found that 90% had experienced traumas such as domestic violence or child abuse. Addiction itself can be traumatic—and being chronically under the influence of substances may expose people to more potential trauma. 20% of people who experience trauma will go on…

woman wondering if you can be addicted even if you only use sometimes

Can You Become Addicted if You Only Use Sometimes?

When you use addictive substances, addiction can happen at any time—even if you only drink or use sometimes. Very few people start out using drugs or alcohol with the intention of becoming addicted. Most people set out to only use occasionally. However, addiction is a chronic brain disease—meaning that substance use changes your brain. It…