a man struggles with the benzo shortage and benzo abuse

The Dangers of the Growing Benzo Shortage

The benzo shortage is nothing new. Popular benzodiazepines have seen an increase in demand but a shortage in supply for the last three years. So, why is there concern over the current shortage? The answer: COVID-19. The pandemic’s spike in anxiety and panic disorders has also increased the demand for benzos from pharmaceutical companies who…

a woman cries after learning about the connection between covid-19 and suds

The Connection Between COVID-19 and SUDs

COVID-19 has disrupted many Americans’ lives in the U.S., causing financial, physical, and emotional harm. As a result, many people affected by COVID-19 have turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the current situation. This has led to a variety of substance use disorders and mental health issues that require professional care. Fortunately, Maryland’s…