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Emotional Wellness Month: Sobriety is More Than the Absence of Substances

October is Emotional Wellness Month! For those of us in recovery, this campaign is particularly relevant. Recovery is not only about removing substances from our system, but about our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Emotional sobriety is the ability to cope with hard feelings without substances, and it’s a big part of emotional wellness. Emotional…

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The Chicken or the Egg of Addiction and Mental Health

Substance use and mental health disorders commonly co-occur. For instance, around a third of people with depression also have a Substance Use Disorder. Around half of people who enter addiction treatment have symptoms of PTSD.  So, does addiction cause mental health disorders, or the other way around? Addiction and mental health disorders often exacerbate one…

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How To Have a Sober Halloween

Staying sober during Halloween can be very challenging, especially when attending social gatherings. Unlike during childhood, when this holiday is all about candy and costumes, most adults celebrate it at parties involving drugs and alcohol. Still, there are numerous ways to have fun during Halloween while staying sober. If you need extra support during this…

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Honoring National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month. While last month we celebrated National Recovery Month—a time to honor the importance of addiction recovery—this one we work to help prevent addiction in the first place. This campaign is an opportunity to educate young people about substance use. A study from the Journal of Psychological Science found…

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ARC Social Justice Scholarship Featured in Baltimore Business Journal

Amatus Recovery Centers was featured in this week’s Baltimore Business Journal in a short piece highlighting our Social Justice Scholarship. This summer, Amatus allotted a fund worth $750,000 to help communities of color find substance use treatment. The funds will allow for individuals to experience the full continuum of addiction-related care, from medical detox to…