marc w shares his recovery story

In the Spotlight: Marc Wiltshire’s Recovery Story

Marc Wiltshire is the Director of Regional Alumni Services and Community Outreach for Amatus Recovery Centers’ Georgia facilities. Originally from New Jersey, Wiltshire comes from a family with a long history of addiction and recovery. His mother is a substance use and mental health counselor. His father passed away with more than 22 years of…

matt bohannon tells his recovery story

In the Spotlight: Matt Bohannon at Blueprint Recovery Center

Matt Bohannon is a Behavioral Health Technician at Blueprint Recovery Center in Concord, New Hampshire. Originally from Attleboro, Massachusetts, Bohannon remembers that from an early age he had trouble fitting in with his peers. He experienced a lot of fear around what people thought of him. This anxiety is what first brought him to using…

a woman rests her head on her folded hands as she considers psychological dependence

What is Psychological Dependence?

When people talk about the negative impacts of substance abuse, much of the discussion tends to center on addiction and the problems with physical dependence. But psychological dependence is another major factor involved in excessive drinking or drug use. Though physical and psychological dependence are interrelated, they are not the same thing. Abuse of drugs…