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Addiction and The LGBTQIA Community: Top Reasons for Risk

The LGBTQIA community reports more cases of substance abuse and addiction. This can be the result of a number of factors, including stressful relationships with family members, past trauma, and stigma from the social environment. Many individuals in the LGBTQIA community don’t seek help for addiction, as they feel their options can be limited. Learn…

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Most Common Mental Health Disorders

When dealing with any type of mental health condition, you may feel like you are alone. However, many mental health disorders are common. Millions of people struggle daily with mental health, requiring mental health treatment. If you are concerned about your mental well-being, learn these most common mental health disorders, and contact a treatment center…


National Sober Day

Today (September 14th) is National Sober Day! It’s part of National Recovery Month, an observance created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). National Sober Day—like National Recovery Month—breaks down stigmas about addiction and brings awareness to a widespread issue. SAMHSA found that in 2014, 20.2 million adults aged 18 or older…