The Neuroscience of Addiction

Addiction isn’t a failure of will. It’s a complex interaction between genetics, environment, and neuroscience. Addiction changes your brain. Addictive substances mimic natural rewards—like food and interpersonal connection—by interacting with the brain’s reward system. According to Bruce Goldman with Stanford Medicine, “Addictive drugs fire up the reward circuitry in a way that natural rewards can’t—by,…

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How to Practice Patience

Learning how to practice patience makes life easier and happier. Most people want their needs met immediately, but patience is essential when recovering from addiction since the process is never instant. Whether you’re the addict or it’s a loved one, the ability to stay sober depends on patience. You’ll need to focus on the bigger…

a doctor talks to a patient about how to stop addictive behaviors

How to Stop Addictive Behaviors

Addiction is a prison in itself. A behavior that keeps you addicted takes control of your life, hence the need to stop it and begin your journey to recovery. You can stop addictive behaviors permanently by seeking a suitable treatment program. The first step is to accept that you’ve got a problem. Next, seek professional…

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Empathy in Recovery During COVID-19

It’s challenging for people in active addiction to feel empathy. When you are hyper-focused on a substance—and your brain responds by flooding you with dopamine—other people’s needs fade to the background. But helping others also releases Dopamine in the brain, according to numerous studies. Dopamine—and the brain’s reward system that produces it—gets hijacked by addiction.…

a woman struggles to ask for addiction help from a therapist

Where Can You Go For Addiction Help?

If you’re suffering from addiction, it’s essential to seek prompt medical intervention as it can cause serious consequences when left untreated for long. Fortunately, professional addiction help in a rehab center can help you to recover from the illness fully.   Recovering from addiction is quite complicated, and trying to help a loved one suffering from…