a woman holds a glass of alcohol as she sleeps and wonders how to stop drinking

How to Stop Drinking

Alcohol addiction is a massive problem across the country. For example, in 2017, an estimated 220 million Americans admitted to having tasted alcohol in their lifetime. It’s critical for enhanced overall wellness to understand how to stop drinking as the process can have several uncomfortable withdrawal effects.  Alcoholism is a severe disease, so quitting requires…

a group of people at a treatment center discuss what is rehab like

What Is Rehab Like?

What is rehab like for a person who is struggling to overcome an addiction? It’s essential to know what to expect before joining a residential rehabilitation program. This way, you’ll succeed in reducing anxiety or distress about the treatment process. A typical rehab program consists of several elements. For additional information about our addiction treatment…

a man lies in bed and considers alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

For alcohol use disorders, withdrawal symptoms are among the riskiest and severe forms of withdrawal. The symptoms occur when you gradually stop alcohol intake or cease consumption abruptly. Prompt treatment under medical supervision is essential as chronic alcohol use leads to improper brain functioning, especially after the mind and body adapt to the substance’s presence.  …