gun sculpture shows that treating trauma is paramount in treating addiction

Treating Trauma is Paramount in Treating Addiction

Experiencing or being exposed to violence is one of the leading causes of trauma. We all experience trauma differently. For some it could be from sustaining an injury during a car accident. For others it could be from experiencing military combat. Others could have been subjected to physical, emotional or sexual abuse. As much as…

a person uses google to see how google launches recover together to help curb addiction

Google Launches ‘Recover Together.’ Can It Help Curb Addiction?

As part of National Recovery Month, Google announced last week that it will launch a new website called Recover Together. The site will house two new tools that, through Google Maps, will promote recovery from addiction.  One tool, the Recovery Locator, includes information for more than 83,000 recovery meetings in 33,000 locations. These include 12…

two people shake hands after learning how thomas gill joins amatus recovery centers as director of marketing and communications

Thomas Gill Joins Amatus Recovery Centers as Director of Marketing and Communications

OWINGS MILLS, MD- Thomas Gill joins Amatus Recovery Centers as the company’s first director of marketing and communications. Most recently employed by LifeBridge Health under the same job title, Gill brings more than 20 years of combined marketing and communications experience. He officially began the position in late July. Gill implements consumer-first and results-oriented approaches…

city skyline after a press release revealing that midwest recovery center is growing and acquires a 3rd location

PRESS RELEASE: Midwest Recovery Center Growing, Acquires 3rd Location

Toledo, OH- Midwest Recovery Center, a substance use disorder and mental health treatment facility located in Lucas County, procured property from Davis College in Toledo on Sept. 4 in order to expand outpatient treatment services and host a slew of new services. The new location is on Monroe Street in West Toledo and will be…

cops arrest mac miller's drug dealer

Mac Miller’s Drug Dealer Arrested

One Year after his overdose, Mac Miller’s loved ones may finally see justice Eds: Story includes vulgarity About a year after the untimely death of famous rapper, Mac Miller, the police have finally arrested and charged Cameron James Pettit for allegedly distributing counterfeit oxycodone pills to Miller days before his overdose. The rapper died early…

alcohol chemical make-up makes people ask should treatment for alcoholism be more personalized

Should Treatment for Alcoholism be More Personalized?

One of the defining characteristics of alcohol use disorder (AUD), commonly referred to alcoholism, is having an often-insatiable urge to consume alcohol despite the negative consequences being intoxicated causes. Persistent cravings to drink are one of the single largest barriers standing between active drinking and recovery from AUD.   Acamprosate, sold commercially as Campral in pharmaceutical markets outside of the…

map of ohio makes people remember that toledo recovery community responds to millions of federal dollars to help combat opioids

Toledo Recovery Community Responds to Millions of Federal Dollars to Help Combat Opioids

President Donald Trump announce on Wednesday the allocation of $1.8 billion in federal funds to support programs and initiatives to combat the opioid epidemic. Ohio will $55 million. Midwest Recovery Center CEO, Matt Bell, joined WTOL 11 News to discuss what he believes the best use for the dollars would be. Watch the full story…