a person stands on a yellow line representing 5 boundaries you should be setting with the addict or alcoholic in your life

5 Boundaries you should be Setting with the Addict or Alcoholic in your life

Alcohol and drug addiction hurt more than just the addict or alcoholic, it hurts all the people around us. Friends, family members, significant others, all go through the pain and suffering with the addict. Learning how to set boundaries with an addict can be difficult, and can often feel painful, but boundaries are the best…

a bottles of alcohol make people think about recovery in restaurants

Recovery in Restaurants

The restaurant industry has one of the highest percentages of employees experiencing substance use disorder in the United States. According to a SAMHSA study, 11.8 percent of workers in the food service industry struggle with addiction, a rate lower than only 17.5 and 16.5 percent, respectively representing the mining and construction industries. Alcohol is prevalent…

wtol reporter talks about dart success story that inspires recovered addict to open treatment facility

DART success story inspires recovered addict to open treatment facility

Amatus Health’s own Matt Bell, the CEO of Midwest Recovery Center, was featured on WTOL 11 News this week. During the segment Bell discussed elements of his own struggle with addiction in Toledo, and how crucial it is that now, in his sobriety, he brings Midwest Recovery Center’s message of hope to West Toledo. To…

alcoholic drinks make people think of millennials' complicated relationship with alcohol

Millennials’ Complicated Relationship with Alcohol

Although millennials are interested in slowing down their alcohol consumption — and even in getting sober — recent reports show that they are not connecting to the Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship as much as previous generations. Figures from a recent AA survey show that around 75 percent of members are older than 41 years, with the…

crumpled newspaper on the war on drugs the drug epidemic and history repeating itself

The War on Drugs, The Drug Epidemic, and History Repeating Itself

Where did the war on drugs begin? And when will it end? In 1898 diacetylmorphine, better known as heroin, was synthesized in a lab in Germany. It was called “safe” and “free from addiction forming properties.” If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is. In the late 1990’s, the Sackler family of Purdue Pharma, began…