straight talk with mike gimbel logo reminds us about mike gimbel teaming up with amatus health

Mike Gimbel Teams up with Amatus Health

Mike Gimbel Teams up with Amatus Health to Combat Substance Abuse Former Baltimore County Drug Czar, Mike Gimbel, has partnered up with Amatus Health, a national behavioral health organization based in Owings Mills, Maryland. The two are working together to increase drug prevention and treatment services throughout Maryland. Gimbel was the first director of Baltimore County’s Office of Substance…

a piece of paper about a drug rehabilitation program reminds us about finding the gaps in addiction treatment

Finding the Gaps in Addiction Treatment

Researchers posed as heroin users seeking help to find the gaps in the treatment industry…and the results were shocking Researchers contacted hundreds of treatment centers throughout the U.S. in the cities with the highest overdose death rates, searching for a better understanding of why people aren’t receiving treatment. The researchers were denied appointments much of…

a person separates the words il and legal to make a person wonder if the legalization of recreational marijuana contributes to substance abuse

Does the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Contribute to Substance Abuse?

A study on marijuana legalization found an increase in drug abuse UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) researchers have found that hospital visits due to car accidents, alcohol abuse and drug overdoses increased in Colorado since the state legalized recreational marijuana. The UCSF report compared hospitalization numbers in Colorado in the two years prior and…

a dna art makes people think of the nj research team working to predict future opioid addiction

NJ Research Team Working to Predict Future Opioid Addiction

Researchers Working to Predict Addiction According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, roughly half a person’s risk for becoming addicted to drugs is hereditary, but what if it could be predicted using blood type, brain scans and some mathematical equation? Researchers at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research in Camden are working with clinicians…

news bulletin about amatus health's director of licensing and compliance to speak on eric boiling town hall and our voice and our future

Amatus Health’s Director of Licensing and Compliance to Speak on Eric Bolling Town Hall: Our Voice, Our Future

Nicholas Albaugh, Amatus Health’s Director of Licensing and Compliance, will be speaking on behalf of Amatus as a treatment provider during a panel discussion on the opioid epidemic at University of Maryland Baltimore Nicholas Albaugh, Amatus Health’s Director of Licensing and Compliance, will be speaking on behalf of Amatus as a treatment provider during a…

graphs and charts attempt to determine whether the word disease hurts recovering addictions

Does the word “Disease” hurt recovering addicts?

Should We Still be Calling Addiction a Disease? Drug addiction is a disease, according to the doctors and psychiatrists throughout the medical community. Even the DSM has categorized addiction as a chronic disease. It wasn’t until recently that the general public also began categorizing addiction as a disease, which is better than previously labeling it…

full overdose prevention advertisement reminds us of a columbine survivor and recovery advocate found dead

Columbine Survivor and Recovery Advocate Found Dead

Columbine Survivor and Recovery Advocate, Austin Eubanks, found dead Austin Eubanks, a Colorado man who survived the 1999 Columbine school shooting and later became an advocate for fighting addiction, passed away earlier this week from an accidental overdose. Eubanks was shot in the hand and knee in the Columbine attack that killed 12 classmates and…