old me and new me remind us of haven's story about addiction recovery journey

Addiction Recovery Journey: Haven’s Story

Haven’s Recovery Story Deciding on going to treatment from drug or alcohol addiction can be the hardest, and best, decision of your life. This week, Foundations Alumni Haven L., shared her story of recovery in hopes to inspire others to make that same leap of faith. Haven, like many people struggling with substance abuse, shared…

a doctor provides prescription and tells his patient that it's time to stop blaming doctors for addiction

It’s time to stop blaming doctors for addiction

Taking Back the Addiction Narrative It’s time to stop blaming doctors  for addiction. We have all heard the narrative about the opioid epidemic. The angry family members blaming their child’s problem on prescription-happy doctors, a sports accident, then suddenly they have become addicted to prescription opioids, the prescription ends, and now they’re using heroin. And,…

atlanta skyline makes people think about atlanta detox center beginning to transform lives

Atlanta Detox Center Begins Transforming Lives

Atlanta Detox Center Begins Transforming Lives The Atlanta Detox Center, opened earlier this month, is poised to offer high-quality inpatient care for substance abuse and mental health, and help people change their lives. The facility is owned and operated by Amatus Health, a national behavioral health organization spreading its community-focused approach to addiction and mental health…

cop cars after a heroic tip to howard county police leads to a 200k drug bust in ellicott city

Heroic tip to Howard County police lead to $200K drug bust in Ellicott City

Howard County Drug Bust The Howard County police department arrested a 25-year-old man from Ellicott City, with 32 counts of drug possession with intent to distribute. The police were led to Wienberg through a tip delivered, anonymously, to 410-290-DRUG, the county drug line. A court-ordered warrant uncovered $200,000 worth of illicit drugs. Ellicott City police officers…