signs directing towards drug rehabilitation leads person to wonder about inpatient vs outpatient treatment

Inpatient Vs Outpatient Treatment: What to Choose

Inpatient Vs Outpatient When deciding to get help with your addiction to drugs or alcohol, many people assume they need to go to inpatient or residential treatment directly after detox. Outpatient treatment, for some reason, continually gets labeled as “not enough,” even when in some cases, it mimics higher levels of care as far as…

pills on a desk make people think about college students and substance abuse

College Students and Substance Abuse

College Students and Substance Abuse: Deadly Combinations College is often a time of exploration and learning, but did you know it is also a time of binge drinking and substance abuse? Studies show that college students are more likely to partake in binge-drinking, marijuana use, and prescription drug use, which often leads to substance abuse.…

a sign pointing to a healthy life makes people think about exercise and drug addiction

Exercise and Drug Addiction

Food, Exercise and Drug Addiction: A strange combination Eating healthy, exercise and drug addiction may seem like an odd combination, however recent studies show that exercise could decrease substance abuse and reinforce abstinence, while healthy eating may increase mood and long-term recovery. Exercising while using drugs is not recommended and could be very dangerous due…