Amatus Social Media RFP

April 14, 2020 Introduction Amatus Recovery Centers an addiction and mental health services company, needs social media work for current channels.  As part of Amatus Health, Amatus Recovery Centers operates 13 treatment centers in 6 states and is looking for a firm to help plan and distribute information on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and any others that should be added to the palate for Amatus.  We are accepting proposals in response to this request for proposal (RFP). With Amatus, recovery means the ability to build a healthy life, thrive, and become a positive force in your community.  As a nationally accredited leader in substance use and mental health treatment, we focus on all aspects of individual wellness through personalized, multidisciplinary, and holistic treatment plans, establishing pathways to recovery unique to an individual. We emphasize the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of addiction and mental illness specific to an individual. We aim to not only heal and conquer addiction, but to equip people with the proper tools, skills, knowledge, experience and understanding to live a fulfilling life. We strive to treating individuals living with substance use and mental health disorders, building personalized, multidisciplinary and holistic treatment plans to help achieve long-term recovery Addiction does not discriminate, and at Amatus Recovery Centers, we strive to help everyone struggling with addiction as we can help those with insurance and those on Government supported services.

Current marketing activities

Our current social media marketing initiatives are as follows: We have 13 treatment centers in 6 states.  We operate a main corporate page called Amatus Health/Amatus Recovery Centers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and each center has a separate Facebook and Instagram pages.


The challenges we’ve faced to achieving our goals are as follows: We do not have enough internal resources to manage all the aspects needed in our growing company.

  • Business Marketing
  • Building Brand Recognition
  • Getting Clientele
  • Projecting Brand Values
  • Brand Promotion
  • Dealing with Competition
  • Achieving Goals in Less Time

Project purpose and description

The purpose of this project is to increase and grow the Amatus social presence and monitor and deliver daily updates on social media. This project requires an increase engagement and growth of our audience and potential audience.  Addiction and substance abuse is increasing, and we would like to aid those struggling who are not ready to come into treatment or those who have been to treatment and are struggling getting adjusted back into daily life.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Sales/Call/Leads generation (increase admissions to facilities)
  • Increase Community engagement
  • Grow my audience
  • Increase conversations (web/call traffic)
  • Manage brand reputation
  • Gain market insight
  • Identify crisis and manage communications

Proposal guidelines

In order to be considered for Amatus Social Media RFP, all bidding agencies must submit a 6-month budget, and clear outline on a social media stagey that will increase awareness and potential patients.

  • Budget, TBD depending on services recommend (prefer a good, better, best option)
  • Project timeline, starting on/before May 25 and include key milestones and deliverables
  • Submit the application no later than Thursday April 30, 2020 by 5pm to Tom Gill at [email protected] RFP questions can be asked via email until April 28 at 5pm

Bidder qualifications

In order to be considered,  all bidding agencies must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience, able to work on a 6-month retainer, have resources to work on the Amatus account daily including monitoring activity during evening and weekend hours. Also, the agency will work directly with the director of marketing and have a minimum of one 30-minute meeting a week, and 1-hour summary meeting each month, and quick check-ins as needed. The agency will provide Amatus user access to social media software/dashboard for posting purposes that do not need to be posted by the agency and will set up daily monitoring of account through a firm that can provide these reports. On May 1, 2020 my team will review and narrow the search down to 2-3 firms that are the best fit at this time.  Formal presentations (maybe via zoom if still under the current stay at home order) will be conducted the first week of May (May 4-8)  The goal is to have the decision by mid-May and start on/before May 25 for a 6-month trial.

Request for proposal timeline

Proposals in response to this RFP are due by April 30 by 5pm to Tom Gill at [email protected] Evaluation of proposals will be conducted from May 1 until May 4. Bidders will be notified during this time if any information or discussions are needed.  If selected as a finalist, the agency will need to preform a presentation the week of May 4 (date will be TBD) The winning proposal will be chosen no later than May 20, 2020. Upon notification, the contract negotiation with the winning bidder will begin. Contract negotiations will be completed by May 24, 2020. Notifications to bidders who were not selected will be completed by May 27, 2020

Project timeline

Project planning is set for a 6-month trial, with the option to a 6-month extension.

Proposal evaluation

Amatus Recovery Centers will rate each application based on the following:

  • Cost vs. value: Bidding agencies will be evaluated on the cost of their proposals based on the outlined scope of work. As listed above, it is preferred if we are provided a good/better/best pricing options to evaluate the needed costs to obtain a social media agency.
  • Relevant training/work experience
  • Samples of past work

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