Start Your Recovery Today

Start Your Recovery Today

SHARE is a podcast production of Amatus Recovery Centers

SHARE is a podcast about recovery.

In weekly episodes, host Kabir Singh sits down with people in recovery to
discuss mental health, addiction and recovery. SHARE aims to educate the
public and help end the societal stigma surrounding substance abuse and
acute mental health disorder symptoms. Our goal is to bring optimism and
hope to those contemplating life in recovery.

Why a recovery podcast?

Podcasts about sobriety are easily accessible modes of circulating
information at no cost to listeners.

Addiction is treatable and recovery is possible.

Hearing recovery stories about addiction treatment, alcohol abuse and drug
addiction, and staying sober will help others realize that.

Where can I find SHARE?

Share is available online at and You
can subscribe to SHARE wherever you get your podcasts by searching “SHARE

Can I be on the show?

Yes. SHARE and its producers are eager to speak with anyone in recovery and
hear ideas about topics and new guests. Email ideas for topics and guests
to [email protected]

About Kabir

Kabir Singh is the host of SHARE. He has been living a sober life since

Kabir often shares about his own addiction to alcohol and drugs, and his
recovery journey on the program. He is a Certified Peer Recovery Support
Specialist, one of less than 200 in the state of Maryland. He is the
co-founder of Fresh Start Recovery Center, a substance use and mental
health disorder treatment facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The SHARE theme song is written and performed by Michael Lowry.