According to the CDC, substance use disorders affect many men in society today, so prompt treatment is critical for recovery. If you’re struggling with an addiction, a men’s rehab program will offer you the much-needed therapy, and you can focus on life goals. Gender-specific programs are vital because women and men have different needs. In rehab, you’ll meet qualified and experienced therapists who can help you to create a customized treatment plan depending on your needs. To learn more about our treatment programs, contact Amatus Recovery Centers today at 833.631.0525.

Why Choose a Men’s Rehab Program?a man smiles after entering a men's rehab program

The manifestations of substance use disorders differ when it comes to men and women. This is why a rehab center that is gender-specific can help you experience a smooth recovery process. Professionals examine your addiction situation and recommend the right treatment, according to what you need as a man.  

Men who opt for these centers may face similar issues, including: 

  • Challenges of seeking treatment
  • Seeking treatment for addiction to illicit drugs instead of prescription ones
  • Adverse addiction 
  • Suicidal thoughts as a way to deal with the problem
  • Co-occurring disorders  

While statistics for addiction reveal that the condition is more severe in men than women, the disorder is a problem that can impact anyone in several ways. For example, an addict can cause a lot of issues to coworkers, friends, family members, and spouses. If you have been battling addiction, don’t hesitate to seek early treatment as this step can change your life in many positive ways.

The Effects of Addiction on a Victim

Experts reveal that substance use disorders can affect the user’s overall health, leading to heart complications, diabetes, and cancer. If you don’t seek treatment for addiction, it can lead to life-threatening consequences and even death. An addict can suffer memory loss, organ damage, hallucinations, heart attack, anxiety, and depression, depending on the drugs. The consequences of drug dependency can be devastating. 

Some people may not experience any severe risks, but they may go through other issues due to addiction. Personal losses are frequent, whereby an individual cannot maintain a job, relationships, finances, and career.  

You can also find yourself facing legal issues that can lead to a jail sentence. Some addicts go through a challenging period after losing their families or homes. If you find yourself in this stage, seek medical intervention immediately to prevent the situation from worsening; it can lead to premature death through overdose or deteriorated health conditions. 

Getting Help at a Rehab Center

A men’s rehab program can impact your recovery. At rehab, you’ll meet other people who can relate to what you’re going through, so you’ll work together as a team towards a common goal.  

Therapists often offer specialized treatment programs since everyone has different issues in life. Therefore, every addict requires an individualized plan to get relief from their particular substance use disorder. A customized recovery plan is critical as it deals with the specific problems you’re facing. 

Expect several treatment programs in rehab, such as:  

A rehab center will supervise your progress throughout your recovery journey and provide aftercare services to prevent relapse.  

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Are you struggling with an addiction? A substance use disorder can ruin someone’s life as it becomes the center of focus, making the person forget other essential activities, such as work or personal hygiene. It’s challenging trying to quit without the assistance of a men’s rehab program due to the severe withdrawal symptoms. At our treatment center, we provide a wide array of treatment options. Seek the ideal treatment program today by contacting us at 833.631.0525.