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Prescription drugs are a common occurrence in the medical field. Doctors have a vast array of drugs they can prescribe for many reasons, and these drugs bring relief from symptoms or illness when taken as directed. However, many of these legally prescribed drugs can be habit-forming and lead to addiction in some cases. In the US, the number of individuals struggling with prescription drug addiction has been on the rise. As such, the need for effective prescription drug addiction treatment programs is vital for the overall mental and physical wellbeing of the country. Our rehab centers offer a solution to the epidemic, which has been aggravated by the increase in the number of pharmaceutical drugs containing addictive components. To learn more about our treatment options, contact Amatus Recovery Centers at 833.631.0525 today. 

The Need forPrescription Drug Addiction Treatment Programsa group of people share stories at a prescription drug addiction treatment program

According to a recent study, an estimated 52 million people in the US aged twelve years and above have misused prescription medication at some point in their lives. The non-medical use of prescribed drugs slowly leads to addiction. Some individuals don’t even notice when their use of such medications advances from recreational to extreme abuse and dependency. 

While prescription medication seeks to treat specific ailments, using the drugs for non-medical purposes leads to unintended effects. Therefore, the treatment program aims at helping people battling this type of addiction recover and continue with their everyday lives. Once you’re addicted to such drugs, it takes medical detox and other strategies for relief. 

The Main Classes of Prescription Medication  

Prescription drugs fall into several categories, but the main ones include: 

  • Opioids
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Barbiturates
  • Stimulants 

Opioids are conventional medicines used for the treatment of pain, but they don’t combat infections or aid in the treatment of inflammations. Although these drugs ease pain, the disease remains within the system, making it easy for individuals to ignore the underlying conditions. The instant relief that people get after taking opioids facilitates use whenever they experience any physical pain, thus leading to addiction over time.  

According to a 2008 survey, an estimated 14,800 people in the US died from an overdose of opioids. The number has been steadily rising ever since and has become an issue of national focus. 

Stimulants are another commonly abused drug and boost brain activity by increasing the secretion of brain chemicals, thereby enhancing alertness. People suffering from mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression, are at higher risk of becoming addicted as they feel more focused after taking them. 

Overcome Addiction at a Rehab Center

Are you battling drug addiction? Seeking the help of Amatus Recovery Centers will help you to overcome your habit of abusing prescription pills. Unfortunately, research reveals that very few people struggling with addiction in the US seek much-needed help from health professionals. Addiction has both physical and mental aspects, and both must be addressed before true recovery can commence. 

For the best outcome, you’ll need the help of a prescription drug addiction treatment program. It’s worth noting that your recovery process begins with medical detox to rid your body of the chemicals safely.  

After detox, the professionals at Amatus Recovery Centers will suggest the best treatment program based upon your individual needs to assist you in full recovery. The most useful programs include:  

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Addiction is an epidemic that causes many socioeconomic problems for users by damaging relationships with family, impacting their ability to work, or maintaining friendships and a place in society. As such, it’s essential to treat the symptoms of addiction as soon as you identify them. Although fully treatable, substance use disorders can become life-threatening when you don’t seek necessary medical attention.   

Prescription drug addiction treatment programs will help you to achieve your goal of overcoming addiction. At Amatus Recovery Centers, you’ll undergo a combination of several programs as the ideal plan depends on your specific case. Don’t let addiction ruin your life. Contact us today at 833.631.0525 to speak to our team.