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Start Your Recovery Today

Addiction in women is not the same as is the case with men, which is why a rehabilitation center focused on a specific gender is critical for a smooth recovery process. Women visit rehab centers seeking the help of professionals to overcome their mental health disorders. Addiction can cause several adverse problems, but choosing the best women’s rehab program can help you quit the dangerous lifestyle. To learn more about your treatment programs, contact Amatus Recovery Centers at 833.631.0525 today. 

How Do Women Live With Addiction?a businesswoman smiles after enrolling in a women's rehab program

Choosing the right program is critical to your recovery as a woman since you’ll meet with professionals who understand your situation and are ready to offer the best solution. Due to differences between genders, women need to overcome their drug dependency issues without interruptions from men.  

Some of the challenges women face due to substance disorders include: 

  • High chances of using illicit drugs for self-medication
  • Increased likelihood of overdosing while using drugs and substances
  • Intense cravings for certain substances, which can compromise recovery
  • High chance of developing substance dependency
  • Indulging in risky behaviors that can ruin their lives 

Insight Into Trauma

According to SAMHSA, some women who have experienced traumatic events in their past life often turn to drug abuse to alleviate the pain. They do this due to a lack of essential skills to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression in the right way. Choosing to use drugs to numb the pain doesn’t help since it often leads to addiction. A women’s rehab program is the only ideal way to recover from trauma. 

Rehab centers have qualified mental health experts who’ll show you the right tools for coping with stress and withdrawal symptoms to avoid relapse. Experts also use evidence-based therapies and a holistic approach to your situation to ensure a full recovery. Overcoming addiction is essential to enable you to focus on your life goals.  

Overcome Gender-Based Barriers at a Women’s Rehab Program

Overcoming an addiction disorder may depend on how behavioral and psychological therapy approaches impact a particular gender. As such, women may find the path to recovery challenging. According to the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, many women drop out of rehabilitation programs before completing the entire duration. One of the contributing factors for this is their role in taking care of the family.  

Choosing a professional rehab center can help in several ways. For example, you’ll need an environment where you can engage in various activities throughout the treatment period. This can increase your chances of completing the program and enhance your long-term recovery.  

For the best results, therapists often combine various scientifically-proven techniques, such as:   

Significance of Family Therapy

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), if you’re going through drug and substance dependency, addiction can be the only focus. Women facing this problem may require both drug and mental rehabilitation since drug abuse may stem from the underlying issues. Support from your family members can positively impact your recovery process. 

Family therapy involves your loved ones, whereby all of you understand the underlying causes of addiction and know how to handle the situation. Addicts may sometimes make family members experience a hard time due to their dangerous behaviors. Healing the entire family is vital to support the victim’s recovery.  

After all, women need the right tools to deal with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and learn how to interact with other family members after recovery. 

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Are you struggling to overcome an addiction but don’t know where to begin? Dependency can be one of the worst conditions, but rehab offers the best way of quitting safely. A women’s rehab program provides specialized and individualized services to see you through recovery. Contact Amatus Recovery Centers at 833.631.0525 to get started on your journey to a drug-free, happier life.